16 July 2014

MOĆ VEŠTICA 15.07.2014. Top of the Mozz (30 najboljih pesama Morrissey-eve solo-karijere)

A Song From Under the Floorboards (Magazine cover)

29 SingYour Life (live at KROQ version)
28 I Know Very Well How I Got My Note Wrong (outtake)
27 I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday (performed by David Bowie)
26 Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself (performed by Reza)
25 Irish Heart English Blood (performed by Matze Flemming)
23 Piccadilly Palare (extra verses)
22 Cosmic Dancer (live with David Bowie)
21 Now My Heart Is Full (performed by Yules)

20 I Just Want To See the Boy Happy
18 Bed Took Fire (early version of At Amber)
17 When Last I Spoke to Carol
16 Suedehead (Velourslederkopf) (performed by Perrecy)
13 Hairdresser on Fire (Vini Reilly vocals)
11 Seasick, Yet Still Docked (performed by 200 Lurkers)

08 Interlude (version without Siouxsie)
07 Everyday Is Like Sunday (2002 live arrangement version)
06 Such a Little Things Makes Such a Big Difference
05 Speedway
04 Late Night, Maudlin Street
03 There'sa Place in Hell for Me and My Friends (Kill Uncle remastered version)
02 Jack The Ripper (studio version)
01 Let Me Kiss You

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  1. odlicna lista. a u vezi sa originalnim/alternativnim verzijama pesama, tek sam skoro otkrio ovo i malo se sokirao.

  2. asperger partipuper16 July, 2014 17:19

    1. november spawned a monster
    2. everyday is like sunday
    3. jack the ripper live
    4. interlude extended
    5. life is a pigsty
    6. sing your life
    7. will never marry
    8. lifeguard sleeping, girl drowning
    9. why don't you find out for yourself
    10. late night, maudlin street
    11. this is not your country
    12. alsatian cousin
    13. speedway
    14. irish blood, english heart
    15. maladjusted
    16. my love life
    17. ambitious outsiders
    18. suedehead
    19. tomorrow
    20. the operation
    21. hairdresser on fire
    22. angel, angel down we go together
    23. southpaw
    24. alma matters
    25. such a little things make such a difference
    26. the harsh truth of the camera eye
    27. you have killed me
    28. papa jack
    29. driving your girlfriend home
    30. i have forgiven jesus

  3. haski tribunal16 July, 2014 18:19

    prigovor -nedostaje I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris . srca nemate !

  4. 1. Dear God Please Help Me
    Dobar E-Pigsty link. Novi album vrlo dobar/odličan s obzirom na nikakva očekivanja.


  5. faking ganglord!