30 December 2015

MOĆ VEŠTICA 28/29.12.2015: TOP 50 - NAJBOLJE PESME 2015.

Nema trekliste. Moraćete da slušate. Pažljivo. I da zapisujete. Ili šazamujete. Ako vas zanima.
Ako ne, onda ništa.

Hvala svima, naročito slušateljkama, na svim mogućim slušanjima.
Pronesite glas, ili linkove, tako funkcioniše novi radio.


  1. Juče sam odslušao prvi deo i tu su mi se najviše dopali Sharon Van Etten i Wolf Alice, valjda će u ovom nastavku biti više muzike po mom ukusu.

    Elem, ovako stoje stvari kod mene:

    1. EL VY - "Sad Case/Happiness, Missouri"
    2. Wolf Alice - "Lisbon"
    3. Courtney Barnett - "Small Poppies"
    4. Sharon Van Etten - "I Always Fall Apart"
    5. EMA - "Amnesia Haze"
    6. Blur - "New World Towers"
    7. Waxahatchee - "<"
    8. Low - "Spanish Translation"
    9. The Chemical Brothers - "Wide Open"
    10. EL VY - "Sleeping Light"
    11. Wolf Alice - "Swallowtail"
    12. The Decemberists - "A Beginning Song"
    13. Jason Isbell - "24 Frames"
    14. Julia Holter - "Feel You"
    15. Modest Mouse - "The Ground Walks with Time in a Box"

  2. Evo sad i javno: :)
    M.I.A. - Borders (4:11)
    Pussy Riot - Refugees In (3:18)
    Disciplin A Kitschme - Biti imun (na ovaj nemar) (6:48)
    Sharon Van Etten - Pay My Debts (5:15)
    Jenny Hval - Heaven (4:54)
    Heather Woods Broderick - A Call For Distance (6:55)
    Julien Baker - Rejoice (3:33)
    Chantal Acda - Still We Guess (5:37)
    Jaakko Eino Kalevi - Hush Down (4:06)
    jennylee - bully (3:53)
    Helen - Violet (4:08)
    Moonspell - Doomina (4:49)
    Dan Deacon - Feel the Lightning (4:53)
    Venera 4 - Eidôlon (4:44)
    Awreeoh - It's My Turn Now (3:36)
    Sannhet - You Thy (3:50)
    Creepoid - American Smile (2:25)
    Marriages - Skin (4:23)
    Myrkur - Dybt i Skoven (3:09)
    Locrian - The Future of Death (3:37)
    Julia Holter - Feel You (4:08)
    Tamaryn - Hands All Over Me (3:50)
    Félicia Atkinson - The Book Is the Territory (4:27)
    Katharina Weber, Fred Frith, Fredy Studer - Wildstrubel (1:39)
    Junglepussy - Somebody (3:46)
    Matana Roberts - Nema, Nema, Nema (4:20)
    Christina Vantzou - CV (6:06)
    Ana Ćurčin - Remain Calm (4:35)
    p. s. slušam te kad prostrem veš i ručam, rekao sam /od/ prekosutra

  3. Preturao po CD-ovima i naleteo na Slobodanovljevjev izbor za 2006...

    30) De Rosa - All Saints Day
    29) Arctic Monkeys - Leave Before the Lights Come On
    28) Mark Pickerel & His Praying Band - Ask the Wind, Ask the Dust
    27) Zoppo - Too Cool to Care
    26) Hanne Hukkelberg - Break My Body (live)
    25) Calexico - All Systems Red
    24) The Great Depression - Quiet Out There
    23) Silversun Pickups - Kissing Families
    22) The Meligrove Band - Our Love Will Make the World Go Round
    21) Pretty Girls Make Graves - Domino
    20) Woven Hand - Truly Golden
    19) Songs of Green Pheasant - Remembering and Forgetting
    18) Beirut - Rhineland (Heartland)
    17) The Fiery Furnaces - I'm in No Mood
    16) Faun Fables - House Carpenter

    15) Early Day Miners - Land of Pale Saints
    14) John Maus - That Night
    13) Twilight Sad - And She Would Darken the Memory
    12) The Gossip - Yr Mangled Heart (live)
    11) Lobo Halcyon - Money Eyes (demo)
    10) Midlake - We Gathered in Spring
    9) El Perro Del Mar - God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get)
    8) Metallic Falcons - A Heart of Birdsong
    7) Bonnie Prince Billy - Strange Form of Life
    6) The Walkmen - All Hands and the Cook
    5) Angela Desveaux - Bury Me Deeper
    4) Editors - French Disko
    3) Band of Horses - The Funeral
    2) Joanna Newsom - Only Skin
    1) The Knife - Marble House (PTR remix)

    1. inspirisao si me radojice, moj biografe.




      little room

      27\KIKI & HERB
      i'm waiting
      MR LADY

      baby blue eyes

      bitka na kalakaci

      moi... lolita

      falling away

      all thine

      21\MC MABON
      iago prydderch and the rejection of irony and western metaphysics


      great decay

      because you stood still

      17\LEO GARCIA

      16\RYAN ADAMS
      when the stars go blue

      freedom on the hiway


      13\KELLY HOGAN
      please don't leave me lonely

      12\THE SHINS
      caring is creepy
      SUB POP

      love hungry man

      you don't always want what you get

      09\PAPA M
      beloved woman

      steak for chicken

      same love tha makes me laugh makes me sad


      darovi svetog jovana vladimira
      PGP RTS

      04\ARAB STRAP

      pyramide song


      01\THE STROKES
      trying your luck (live)

    2. ovo deluje kao izbor za 2000.

      royal trux summer and grease domino pound for pound
      knife in the water rene glitterhouse red river
      patric catani hitler 2000 digital hardcore attitude pc8
      smog dress sexy at my funeral domino dongs of sevotion
      yo la tengo tears are in your eyes matador and then nothing turned itself inside-out
      yo la tengo you can have it all matador and then nothing turned itself inside-out
      will oldham stable will domino guarapero/lost songs 2
      kelly hogan and the pine valley cosmonauts papa was a rodeo bloodshot beyond the country underdog
      belle and sebastian i fought in a war jeepster fold your hands child you walk like a peasant
      belle and sebastian 3 jeepster fold your hands child you walk like a peasant
      broadcast come on let's go warp the noise made by people
      super furry animals sarn helen flydaddy mwng

    3. 2003.

      the unofficial N#1:
      blacksmoke My Fucking Heart Will Go On
      blacksmoke ep Fuck The Fuckin' Fuckers

      30. the faint Mote
      action ep Dust

      29. wesley willis Make My Joyplane Crash And Burn
      alternative tentacles album Greatest Hits Vol. 3

      28. arab strap Good Part
      chemikal underground ep The Shy Retirer

      27. fritz ostermayer 1000 Dank
      mego album Kitsch Concrete

      26. charlotte greig Willie O Winsburly
      bloodshot album Executioners Last Songs Vol. 2&3

      25. 90 day men Too Late Or Too Dead
      southern ep Too Late Or Too Dead

      24. palace of wisdom Pills
      fast food album Rock And Roll Is My Only Salvation

      23. magoo Can't Get Off The Ground
      may go zero single Can't Get Off The Ground

      22. relaxed muscle Let It Ride
      rough trade album A Heavy Night With...

      21. yo la tengo How To Make The Baby Elephant Float
      matador album Summer Sun

      20. kaada Black California
      ipecac album Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time

      19. mommy & daddy Beachy
      blast first album Sonik Mook Experiment: Hot Shit

      18. elephant man Fun Dem Off

      17. pram Sirocco
      domino album Dark Island

      16. the gossip All My Days
      kill rock stars album Movement

      15. captain soul Last Night
      poptones album Jetscream Lovers

      14. calexico Woven Birds
      city slang album Feast of Wire

      13. llwybr llaetog w/ delyth eirwyn Blodau Gwyllt
      y tan crai album Anomie-Ville

      12. the crimea Baby Boom
      booby trap single Baby Boom

      11. franz ferdinand Darts Of Pleasure
      domino ep Darts Of Pleasure

      10. the mars volta Inertiac Esp
      universal album De-Loused In The Comatorium

      09. flotation toy warning Pop Star Researching Oblivion
      pointy ep Secret Tape

      08. desert sessions There Will Never Be A Better Time
      ipecac album Desert Sessions vol. 10

      07. clearlake We All Die Alone
      domino single Can't Feel A Thing

      06. aereogramme ~
      chemikal underground album Sleep And Release

      05. rosie thomas I Play Music
      sub pop album Only With A Laughter Can You Win

      04. white stripes Seven Nation Army
      xl single Seven Nation Army

      03. low murderer
      vinyl ep Murderer

      02. the thermals I Know The Pattern
      sub pop album More Parts Per Million

      01. cat power Names (Peel Session)

    4. 2007.

      30. Bonde Do Role – Bondallica 29. Apostle Of Hustle - Chances Are 28. Devendra Banhart - Shabop Shalom
      27. Blonde Redhead – Publisher 26. Umek - Carbon Occasions 25. Puerto Muerto - Orange Foundation
      24. Candlemass - Of Stars and Smoke 23. Crystal Castles - Xxzxczx Me 22. Husky Rescue - Blueberry Tree Part III
      21. PJ Harvey - Grow Grow Grow 20. Architecture In Helsinki - Heart It Races 19. The Brunettes - Her Hairagami Set
      18. Interpol - Pioneer To the Falls 17. David Lynch - Ghost of Love 16. P.G.Six - The Dance
      disk side b
      15. Tall Pony - I'm Your Boyfriend Now 14. Picastro - Car Sleep 13. The Pyramids – Piblokoto
      12. The Coral - Rebecca You 11. Papercuts - Dear Employee 10. M.I.A. - Bamboo Bavga
      09. The Mary Onettes – Translate 08. Lightning Dust - Take Me Back 07. Band Of Horses - No One's Gonna Love You
      06. Aril Brikha – Winter 05. Twilight Sad - That Summer At Home I Had Become The Invisible Boy
      04. Mariee Sioux - Buried In Teeth 03. Editors - An End Has A Start (Boom Bip Remix)
      02. Lightning Dust – Heaven 01. Editors - Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors

    5. 2008. (izgleda)

      30. Why? - As I Went Out One Morning (Bob Dylan) (Asthmatic Kitty 7“)
      29. Ratatat – Shiller (LP3, XL)
      28. O'Death - Grey Sun (Broken Hymns, Limbs and Skin, City Slang)
      27. Invisible Conga People - Cable Dazed (Italians Do It Better 12“)
      26. Cath & Phil Tyler - Farewell my Friends (Dumb Supper, No-Fi)

      25. Esau Mwamwaya – Kamphopo (Architecture In Helsinki) (www.maddecent.com)
      24. Snowman - We Are The Plague (The Horse The Rat & The Swan, Dot Dash)
      23. Half-Handed Cloud - You Wouldn't Embarrass Me, Would You? (Halos & Lassos, Asthmatic Kitty)
      22. Vetiver - Lon Chaney (Garland Jeffreys) (Thing Of The Past, Fat Cat)
      21. Ten Kens – Bearfight (Fat Cat 7“)

      20. Fleet Foxes – Mykonos (Sun Giant EP, Bella Union/ Sub Pop)
      19. Jacopo Carreras - One Sentence (Lan Music 12“)
      18. Silver Jews - My Pillow Is The Threshold (Lookout Mountain Lookout Sea, Drag City)
      17. Pete Molinari - Sweet Louise (Damaged Goods 7“)
      16. Detektivbyrĺn - Life/Universe (Wermland, Danarkia)

      15. Air France - June Evenings (No Way Down EP, Sincerely Yours)
      14. The Evangelicals - Midnight Vignette (The Evening Descends, Dead Ocean)
      13. Hello Saferide – Anna (Razzia 7“)
      12. Leila - In the Garden (Deflect EP, Warp)
      11. Those Dancing Days – Hitten (Wichita 7“)

      10. Frida Hyvonen – Birds (Silence Is Wild, Secretly Canadian)
      09. Get Well Soon - You Aurora You Seaside (City Slang 7“)
      08. Boris – Message (Message/ Floorshaker, Diwphalanx 12“)
      07. Sally Shapiro - I'll Be By Your Side (Tensnake Remix) (Remix Romance Vol. 1, Paper Bag)
      06. Mary and The Boy – Cock (Self-titled, Low Impedance)

      05. Neon Neon – Belfast (Stainless Style, Lex)
      04. The Last Shadow Puppets - My Mistakes Were Made for You (Domino 7“)
      03. The Kills - U.R.A. Fever (Domino 7“)
      02. David Hurn - The Man Who Stayed In Bed Forever (Fire 7“)

      01. Calexico - House Of Valparaiso (Carried To Dust, City Slang)

  4. 2009.

    30. Other Lives - Black Tables - TBD
    29. Twilight Sad - I Became A Prostitute – Fat Cat
    28. Karneval – Jedra – PGP RTS (uskoro!)
    27. The Very Best - Warm Heart Of Africa (So Shifty Remix) – (bootleg)
    26. Castanets - Lucky Old Moon – Asthmatic Kitty

    25. Lightning Dust - Wondering What Everyone Knows – Jagjaguwar
    24. Chew Lips – Solo - Kitsune
    23. Serena Ryder & The Beauties - The Funeral – Self-released
    22. Bonnie Prince Billy - You Can't Hurt Me Now - Domino
    21. Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life - XL

    20. Autopark - Gori grad - Samizdat
    19. Rock Plaza Central - Them That Are Good And Them That Are Bad –Paper Bag
    18. Jamie Jones feat Ost & Kjex - Summertime – Crosstown Rebels
    17. Morrissey - When I Last Spoke To Carol - Attack
    16. Yousef – Africa -Circus

    15. Joker's Daughter – Lucid - Domino
    14. Cooly G – Narst - Hyperdub
    13. The Gossip - Heavy Cross - Columbia
    12. Torche - King Beef - Daymare
    11. Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Rex The Dog remix) - Rabid

    10. Nimani Teenage Riot - Devojka iz Obraza – (demo)
    09. Nickel Eye feat. Wale - Brandy of the Damned (Mark Ronson Remix)- (free download)
    08. Clark - Growls Garden - Warp
    07. Sunset Rubdown - Silver Moons - Jagjaguwar
    06. Editors - Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool - Kitchenware

    05. Camera Obscura - Careless Love – 4AD
    04. Zoot Woman - Lonely By Your Side - Snowhite
    03. Ljubavnici - Veče Vibirira – (demo)
    02. Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man - Island
    01. Music Go Music - Warm In The Shadows – Secretly Canadian

  5. za 2010. (izgleda) nemam. ima li iko? please and thanks.

  6. 2011.


  7. 2012.


  8. 2013.


  9. 2014.


  10. 2004. (emitovana na 94.9 RIP)


    1. p,j,harvey - phonesong (island)
    2. blonderedhead - elephantwoman (4ad)
    3. p,j,harvey - shame (island)
    4. antonyandthejohnsons – crippleandthestarfish (secretly canadian)
    5. electrelane - thevalleys (too pure)
    6. dykehouse - chainsmoking (ghostly international)
    7. barbwatersftrobsnarski - whenwillyoucomemyway (laughing outlaw)
    8. sherbetantlers - hikikomorai (neud nid deud)
    9. minusstory - youwereonmyside (jagjaguwar)
    10. radiodepartment - whywon'tyoutalkaboutit (xl)

    11. p,j,harvey - stone (island)
    12. p,j,harvey - theletter (island)
    13. transformerdiroboter - rainingblood (deco)
    14. morrissey - irisheartenglishblood (attack!)
    15. wolfmanftpetedoherty - backfromthedead (rough trade)
    16. mountainmenanonymous - westoleyourrhymingdictionaries (my kung fu)
    17. semiautomatic - icenotfire (kill rock stars)
    18. davidthomas&twopaleboys - numbersman (glitterhouse)
    19. aiphoenix - callmein,picard (glitterhouse)
    20. clinic - falstaff (domino)

    21. thefaint - southernbellesinlondonsing (saddle creek)
    22. theczars – littlepinkhouse (bella union)
    23. franzferdinand - betterinhoboken (domino)
    24. measlesmumpsrubella - fountainsofyouth (troubleman unlimited)
    25. sonsanddaughters - johnnycash (domino)
    26. squarepusher - squarewindow (warp)
    27. thesolution – widowwemberly (sweet nothing)
    28. seafood - heatwalkagainstme (cooking vinyl)
    29. jameswilliamhindle - comedownslowly (badman)
    30. norao'connor - revolver (bloodshot)

  11. 2005. (emitovano, takođe, na 94.9 RIP)

    1. Wolf Parade – Shine A Light (Sub Pop)
    2. Low – Step (Sub Pop)
    3. Herman Dune – Good For Noone (Track & Field)
    4. Black Mountain – Buffalo Swan (Jagjaguwar/ City Slang)
    5. The Decemberists – The Mariner’s Revenge Song (Rough Trade)
    6. Editors – Munich (Kitchenware)
    7. Blackbud – Forever (XFM Session) (Bootleg)
    8. The Kills – Good Ones (Domino)
    9. Antony & The Johnsons – Hope There’s Someone (Rough Trade)
    10. Mathew Jonson – Marionette (Live) (Wagon Repair)
    11. White Rose Movement – Pig Hale Jam (Demo) (Independiante)
    12. Sambassadeur – In The Calm (Labrador)
    13. Sufjan Stevens – Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois (Rough Trade)
    14. Songs For The Young At Heart ft Bonnie Prince Billy – Puff The Magic Dragon (Lucky Dog)
    15. The National – Mr November (Beggars Banquet)
    16. Deerhoof – Spiral Golden Town (5RC)
    17. Thomas Dybdahl – Honey (Glitterhouse)
    18. Love Is All – Talk Talk Talk (What’s Your Rupture?)
    19. Immaculate Machine – Don’t Leave Without Us (Mint)
    20. Bright Eyes – Gold Mine Gutted (Saddle Creek)
    21. The Advantage – Solar Jetmen – Braveheart Level (5RC)
    22. Mommy And Daddy – Confection (Kanine)
    23. Test Icicles – Circle Square Triangle (Domino)
    24. Silver Mt Zion & Tra La La Band – God Bless Our Dead Marines (Constellation)
    25. Bearsuit – Fear Of Moonpilot Ben (Fantastic Plastic)
    26. Being 747 – The Girl Fell Asleep Whilist Watching Her Life Fleshes Before Her Eyes (Wrath)
    27. Architecture In Helsinki – Tiny Paintings (Bar/ None)
    28. Aluminium Babe – Standing And Waving Goodbye (Velocity)
    29. Sunn O))) – Cursed Realms (Of The Winterdemons) (Southern Lord)
    30. Mew – Why Are You Looking Grave (Sony)

    1. Bobo, bokte, više si se igrao slovima nego ja u tim godinama! * Mislim da je ova iz 2005. prva došla do mene, ako si kačio mp3ce
      Evo ti liste albuma 2010: http://mislitemojomglavom.blogspot.rs/2011/11/da-se-ne-ljubimo.html - verujem da sam sačuvao i listu /pesama/ s mmg.com /ili kako već beše/, ali mi je na starom HDD

    2. treba mi MV najbolje pesme. sve ponuđene liste su isključivo MV izbori. pls find it. and thanks.

    3. best of za 2002. (barem koliko je meni poznato) nije bilo, jer sam služio u armiji srbije.

      eto, možda napravim specijal best od 2002. fala, tv radojice.

  12. Iskopala sam na starom hardu listu ovu listu u folderu "Fridom top 2010" :D e sad, jal je iz Moci vestica jal sa MMG...

    01. Crystal Castles - Celestica
    02. Caribou - Jamelia
    03. of Montreal - Coquet Coquette
    04. Best Coast - When I'm With You
    05. Zola Jesus - Night
    06. Hot Chip - I Feel Better
    07. Allo Darlin' - My Heart Is a Drummer
    08. Avi Buffalo - Jessica
    09. Cults - Go Outside
    10. Blonde Redhead - Spain
    11. Future Islands - In the Fall (Feat. Katrina Ford)
    12. Manhattan - We Share Our Mothers Health (The Knife cover)
    13. jj - My Life (Lil Wayne & The Game cover)
    14. Giggs - Look What The Cat Dragged In
    15. Phosphorescent - Hej, Me I'm Light
    16. Interpol - Success
    17. Villagers - Home
    18. Soda Fountain Rag - You Are Not Invited To My Wedding
    19. James Blake - Limit to Your Love (Feist Cover)
    20. Anika - Yang Yang (Yoko Ono cover)
    21. Gonjasufi - Kowboyz & Indians
    22. Summer Camp - Montgomery Avenue 1984
    23. Jamie Woon - Night Air
    24. Kurran and the Wolfnotes - These Four Limbs
    25. Cinc - Septembar
    26. Yeasayer - Madder Red
    27. Marina And The Diamonds - Hermit The Frog
    28. The Bundles - Pirates Declare War
    29. The National - Anyone's Ghost
    30. Ljubavnici - Umorna od bgda

    1. mnogo hvala, seno, to je ta koja fali! god bless...

  13. našao sam među fajlovima da sam 28.12.2000. i 03.01.2001. na radio jugoaslaviji u emisij "pamuk" čoveka senke, emitovao svoj "selection za 2000.". nemam pojma od kuda ja tamo. evo tih selekcija...

    the re-building of 2000 pt. 1

    gonzales, lovescene, kitty-yo, uber alles lp
    tarwater, the trees, kitty-yo, animals stars and atoms lp
    knife in the water, rene, glitterhouse, red river lp
    for carnation, moon beams, domino, s/t lp
    cat power, i can't get no satisfaction, matador, covers album lp
    victori williams, grandma's hatpin, atlantic, water to drink lp
    smog, bloodflow, domino, dongs of sevotion lp
    yo la tengo, last days of disco, matador, and then nothing turned itself inside-out lp
    north mississippi all stars, po black maddie, kool tone, shake hands with shorty lp
    stereolab, auterbongolia, duophonic, the first of the microbe hunters lp
    mouse on mars, autorchestra, domino, instrumentals lp
    pj harvey, good fortune, island, songs from the city songs from the sea lp
    einsturzende neubauten, sabrina, mute, silence is sexy lp
    super furry animals, ymaelody ar ymylon, flydaddy, mwng lp
    peaches, lovertits, teenage usa, s/t mlp
    david grubbs, the shades of green, drag city, the spectrum between lp
    and you will know us by the trail of dead, totally natural, domino, madonna lp
    two dollar guitar, green room, smells like, beats & the lameass rhymes lp
    rollerball, what are you crying about, road cone, bathing music lp
    royal trux, deep country, domino, pound for pound lp
    pram, mother of pearl, domino, museum of imaginary animals lp
    tim gibbons, angel red, glitterhouse, shylingo lp
    at the drive-in, cosmonaut, grand royal, relationship of command lp
    a.m.p. studio, bird blues, ochre, alien registration office lp
    broadcast, long was the year, warp, the noise made by people lp
    sleater kinney, all hands on the bad one, matador, all hands on the bad one lp
    trans am, i want it all, thrill jockey, red line lp
    calexico, untitled n#4, city slang, hot rail lp
    friends of dean martinez, white lake, knitting factroy, a place in the sun lp
    flying sauccer attack, dark wind, drag city, mirror lp
    johnny cash, solitary man, american, american III: solitary man lp
    teenage fanclub, dumb dumb dumb, columbia, howdy lp
    walkabouts, man from reno, glitterhouse, train leaves at eight lp
    midnight choir, double blank, glitterhouse, unsung heroine lp
    stella, finger on the trigger for the years to come, l'eadge the or, finger on the trigger for the years to come lp
    will oldham, big balls, domino, gurapero/lost blues 2 lp
    black box recorder, sex life, nude, the facts of life lp
    looper, on the flipside, jeepster, geometrid lp
    sally timms & jon langford, dark sun, bloodshot, songs of false hope and high values mlp

    1. re-building of 2000 pt. 2

      tuxedo moon, no tears adult rmx, mute, remixes and originals lp
      primal scream, swastika eyes, creation, xtrmntr lp
      can, dizzy dizzy, mute, live lp
      ectogram, salted blow, ankst musik, all behind the withctower lp
      bis, oh my, grand royal, various artists- groovebox lp
      plaid, sammit, warp, trainer lp
      couch, slogan, kitty-yo, fantasy lp
      laika, uneasy, too pure, good looking blues lp
      quickspace, climbing hill, domino, the death of quickspace lp
      asian dub foundation, scaling new heights, ffrr, community music lp
      peter case, two heroes, atlantic, flying sauccer blues lp
      max tundra, the balaton, domino, some best friend you turned out to be lp
      handsome family, in the air, loose, in the air lp
      red star belgrade, uncle tupelo, columbia, telescope lp
      beachwood sparks, desert skies, sub pop, s/t lp
      patti smith, lo & beholden, geffen, gung ho lp
      lambchop, nashville parent, city slang, nixon lp
      movietone, star ruby, domino, the blossom filled street lp
      mc mabon, neithybyd i'm para'm byth, ankst musik, mr blaidd lp
      kelly hogan & the pine valley cosmonauts, easy loving, bloodshot, beneath the country underdog lp
      sianspheric, planet hole, sonic unyon, else lp
      sally timms, dreaming cowboy, bloodshot, sally timms' sad laments for lost buckaroos lp
      neil young, silver and gold, reprise, silver and gold lp
      nectarine n#9, these days, creeping bent, various artists- bent boutique lp
      calexico, the night is upon us, ?, travelall lp

    2. za 1998., kada se šou još zvao SLUŠAJ SAD OVO! sam našao samo ovu listu albuma kao izbor za 1998.

      01. BELLE AND SEBASTIAN the boy with the arab strap JEEPSTER
      BOMB 20 made of shit DIGITAL HARDCORE
      02. STARFLYER 59 the fashion focus TOOTH AND NAIL
      03. PLUSH more you becomes you DOMINO
      04. ELLIOTT SMITH either/or DOMINO
      05. CALIFONE califone FLYDADDY
      06. MAKE UP in mass mind DISCHORD
      07. REIN SANCTION rein sanction SOLDIER/FLYDADDY
      08. THE SADIES precious moments BLOODSHOT
      09. LUCINDA WILLIAMS car wheels on a gravel road MERCURY
      10. KENT isola BMG SWEDEN
      11. THREE MILE PILOT another desert, another see CARGO MUSIC
      12. THE BLACK HEART PROCESSION the black heart procession CARGO MUSIC
      13. SIANspheric there’s always some place you’d rather be SONIC UNYON
      14. THE BLACKS dolly horrorshow BLOODSHOT
      15. CAT POWER moon pix MATADOR
      16. MOGWAI fear satan remixes ep EYE Q
      17. DOLEFUL LIONS motel swim PARASOL
      18. OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL vs the black swan network FLYDADDY
      21. ANGRY JOHNNY & THE KILLBILLIES what’s funny? TAR HUT
      22. PENTHOUSE PLAYBOYS in the bag PRAVDA
      23. POP CANON covers it up ep POP CANON
      24. MEDUSA CYCLONE mr. devil THIRD GEAR
      25. BIG FISH ENSEMBLE state bird of bfe PUT IT ON A CRACKER

    3. 1999. je prekinuta bombardovanjem i nemam podatke da li se šou ikada vratio on air, pa makar i u nekoj kvazi-varijanti na studiju b, gde je b92 jedno vreme gostovao.

    4. zahvaljujući nesebičnom trudu i pomoći pere subote (all praise!) uspeli smo da rekonstruišemo i best of za 1997 iz doba SLUŠAJ SAD OVO!

      1. trans am carboforce / thrill jockey /
      1. six finger satellite do the suicide /sub pop/
      2. mogwai stereodee /chemikal underground/
      3. pigeonhed marry me (fisk-goodmanson prenuptial trash heap remix) /sub pop/
      4. licorice roots maracca beach /moodfood/
      5. will oldham gypsy /domino/
      6. pavement killing moon /matador/
      7. cornershop we’re in yr corner /wiiija/
      8. waco brothers arizona rose /bloodshot/
      9. helium medieval people /matador/
      10. hip young things lego lap /glitterhouse/
      11. sackville good citizen /glitterhouse/
      12. atari teenage riot sick to death /digital hardcore/
      13. redstar belgrade lord’s prayer /put it on a cracker/
      14. thumbnail looker /cargo/
      15. wellwater conspiracy sandy /third gear/
      16. licorice roots marushka /moodfood/
      17. long fin killie kismet /too pure/
      18. hood the leaves grow old and fall and die /domino/
      19. fuck fuck motel /matador/
      20. magoo some dark action /chemikal underground/
      21. blink 182 dammit (growing up) /cargo/
      22. pw long’s reelfoot temple /touch’n’go/
      23. lois northern soul /k/
      24. new wet kojak get the curse /touch’n’go/
      25. lovely lads fucking fighting crying upstairs /put it on a cracker/

  14. Shazam radi za pesme uzgred meni je bolji prvi "losiji" deo liste ali me zanima kako se zove lista radija koju spominjes kao jedinu relevantnu. Sa ovim reminisencijama davno proslih vremena bice slusanja dobre muzike i u februaru.

    I da sve najbolje u novoj godini Fridomu i svim ljudima dobre volje a za one druge vrste me zabole.

    1. fala, liku, isto i tebi želim. a ovim drugima ne.

      radio koji pominjem je dandelion (po peelovom labelu), a kojim se bave poštovaoci njegovog lika i dela

    2. Ko nije nasao evo linka, moze i skidanje

      Nisam stigao da preslusam ali vidim da gitare dominiraju na listi sto uvek pozdravljam.

  15. šurin vajt lajt je realno hit godine. osetio sam se 25 godina mlađe kad sam čuo. a verujem i blogoskladatelj. đe bio prins kad je ovo snimljeno?

    1. drago mi je da još ima dobrih ljudi koji razumeju dobru muziku

    2. Moram da se saglasim, од бољих 25 ћу jedino nju, и заборављену Ѕ&Ѕ (Ѕ има и кад је ћирилица!), узети за уторак...