13 June 2017

MOĆ VEŠTICA 13.06.2017: Utorak traje dok god se opirem sredi

Bonnie Prince Billy - No Time to Cry – Domino – Best Troubador Vinyl Edition
Bamboo - Always Running (Upset The Rhythm) - The Dragon Flies Away
Zeitkratzer - Salute To Zivojin Misic (Karlrecords) - Serbian War Songs
Baba Zula - Efkarlı Yaprak (Glitterbeat) - XX
Raekwon – Nothing (Empire) - The Wild
Cowcube - Do You Like Spiders (Self-released)
Alvvays - In Undertow (Polyvinyl)
Perc ft Gazelle Twin - Look What Your Love Has Done to Me (Perc Trax) - Bitter Music
Camille - Les loups (Because Music) - OUÏ
Giorgio Moroder feat. Prince Charlez - Champagne, Secrets, & Chanel (Universal)

Crescent - Lightbulbs In The Trees (Geographic) - Resin Pockets
Aphex Twin - b3 – untitled (Self-released) - Field Day LP
Vince Staples - Big Fish (Def Jam)
Trotski Nautique - Bertrand Cantat (La Souterraine) - Mausolee Tape 2
MIA – Goals (Self-released)
Delia Gonzalez – Vesuvius (DFA) - Horse Follows Darkness
Land of Talk - World Made (Saddle Creek) - Life After Youth
The Moonlandingz - I.D.S. (Chimera Music) - Interplanetary Class Classics
Omar Souleyman - Aenta Lhabbeytak (Mad Decent) - To Syria, With Love
PJ Harvey and Ramy Essam - The Camp (Self-released)
Nas - One Mic (Columbia) - Music from The American Epic Sessions (Deluxe)

Faithless - Insomnia (Regain & Daemonic Bootleg)

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