18 May 2009


svake srede od ponoći na Radiju B92 (92.5FM ili http://www.b92.net/)

plejlista za 12. maj 2009.

THE STROKES trying your luck (live) Bootleg.
THE STROKES trying your luck (live) Bootleg.
LJUBAVNICI veče vibrira (demo) (Neobjavljeno).
NIMANI TEENAGE RIOT devojka iz obraza (demo) (Neobjavljeno).
AUDIOTRANSPARENT you are a movie Weewerk. Weewerk is 6

CLARK gorwls garden Warp. Growls Garden EP
FIREWATER a place not so unkind Bloodshot. Golden Hour
DEERHUNTER circulation Kranky. Rainwater Casette Exchange EP
BEEP BEEP two-spirit Saddle Creek. Enchanted Islands
THINK ABOUT LIFE young hearts Alien8. Family

IMMACULATE MACHINE you got us into this mess Mint. High On Jackson Hill
MENACE RUINE uttery destitute Alien8. The Die Is Cast
JOKER’S DAUGHTER the bouncing liquorice bears Double Six. Worm’s Head EP
PRYDA lift (original mix) Pryda. Melo/Lift 12”
CHIDDY BANG kids Bootleg.

THESE ARE POWERS life of birds Dead Oceans. All Aboard Future
FOREIGN BORN it grew on you Secretly Canadian. Person To Person
ANGEL DERADOORIAN high road LovePump United. Mind Raft EP
PTERODACTYL december Brah. Worldwild
OMAR-S strider’s world Fabric. Fabric 45

STYLUS logical negatives SRC. The Last Night Before The Colour
BLANK DOGS slowing down In The Red. Under And Under
KARNEVAL duhovi (Neobjavljeno). Izgubljene himne

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