14 October 2015

MOĆ VEŠTICA 13.10.2015: Ispravite me ako grešim

Toydrum - New Dawn Fades (Underscore Collective)

Daughter - Doing the Right Thing (4AD 7“)

Call Super – Migrant (Houndstooth) – Migrant 12“

Stray Dogg - 'Till You're Forgotten (Pop Depresija) - Come Along Wind

Aïsha Devi - Initiation to an Illusion (Houndstooth) - Of Matter and Spirit

Dilly Dally – Desire (Partisan) - Sore

Flowers - For Real  (LA Xpressio 7“)
Co La - No No (Software) - No No
Big Black - Passing Complexion (Touch'N'Go) - Atomizer (Remastered)

 Anti-G - Oohh Shit (Planet Mu) - µ20

F ingers - Tantrum Time (Blackest Ever Black) - Hide Before Dinner
Benjamin Damage – Transmission (50 Weapons) - Obsidian

Girls Names - An Artificial Spring (Tough Love) - Arms Around a Vision
Sex Swing - Night Time Worker (God Unknown) - Clinic / Sex Swing Split 7"

Kodagain - She Was A Man (nažalost, neobjavljeno)
Faze Miyake - Ice Cold (feat. Inga Copeland) (Rinse) - Faze Miyake

Wilhelm Tell Me - Growing Younger (Future Classic)
Patient, Patient – Home (Fluttery) - Of Illusions and the Way to Find
Elysia Crampton – Axacan (Blueberry) - American Drift

Cristobal and the Sea - Fish Eye (City Slang) - Sugar Now
Barbara Morgenstern w. Julia Kent – Facades (Monika) - DOPPELSTERN

EL VY - Paul Is Alive (4AD)

OB7 X AXZÖ - Bxtches In Vegas (Original Mix) (Vega)

Barry Manilow – Mandy (Arista)


  1. Dragi Fridume,

    Propustio si da navedeš “New Dawn Fades (Joy Division)” by Toydrum; ne moraš da mi šalješ, već sam joj pisao: https://twitter.com/cvet5ar/status/655724172878942209.



    1. pa emisija se (od sada) lepo zove- ispravite me ako grešim