23 January 2013

MOĆ VEŠTICA 22.01.2013. ET-ijeve omiljene pesme iz 2012.

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Manors - Pick My Brain (demo)
Fever Fever - The Chair
Dan Sartain - In Death
Terrible Truths - Don Juan
Easy Lover - End of the Season
Carsick Cars - Guang Chang
The School - Why Do You Have To Break My Heart Again?
Bambino Koresh - Sleeping In Pain
Royal Headache - Surprise
The Maxines - Drugstore
Los Cripis - Fondue de Jesus
Nude Beach - Walkin' Down My Street
Vacant Valley - Dream Of Eternal Youth
Hissey Miyake - Ghosts
Local Girls - Cuckoo
Videoing - Night Watch
Bastards Of Fate - Huge Magic
Shellshag - Promise/When in Rome
Primitive Calculators - Sick Of Myself
Chain And The Gang - Certain Kinds of Trash
The Felines - Daddy Walk
Pharmacy - Josephine
Woollen Kits - Maths
Skip Skip Benben - La' Lasta
Julia Holter & Jib Kidder - My Baby
Joey Ramone - Waiting For That Railroad
Boyz & Girl - Cannot Touch
Iris Dement - The Night I Learned How Not To Pray
Tunabunny - Slackjawed
Teen  - Better

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