28 August 2014

MOĆ VEŠTICA 26.09.2014. Blame It on the Boogieman

Mariam the Believer - Wild Is the Wind

Bijelo Dugme - Zamisli

"zamisli, zažmiriš, 
a onda kao da eksplodiraš"

Leonard Cohen - Almost Like the Blues

Warpaint - Love Is To Die

Willis Earl Beal - Slow Bus

R3hab & Bassjackers - Raise Those Hands
Archie Bronson Outfit - Lori from the Outer Reaches
Konrad - Don't Want No Police
Fujako - Fujako Buzz - Dub
Ela Stiles - Kumbh Mela
David Thomas Broughton & Juice Vocal Ensemble - A Man to Call My Own

Cosmic Analog Ensemble - Three Notes

Esben and the Witch - Blood Teachings
Kodagain - Little Mouse
Rezzett - Zootie

Buzz Osborne - Laid Back Walking

Blessa - Island Minding
Ital - White II

Davidge - Home From Home featuring Low Roar

Nite Jewel – Hounds Of Love (Kate Bush cover)

British Murder Boys - As Above So Below

Psalmships - Caroline, Ease Your Heart

The Bug - Fall
Dark Sky - Silent Fall
Peter Escott - I Believe in Devil World
Ninos Du Brasil - Sombra Da Lua

Stick Against Stone - Who Are They?
Courtship Ritual - Kingdom of Beauty

Sartorial Excess - We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

The Fall - Tom Raggazzi
Avi Buffalo - Think It's Gonna Happen Again

Wreck And Reference - A Lament

Radiator Hospital - Cut Your Bangs
Duran Duran - Girl Panic! (David Lynch Remix)

Cocteau Twins - Road, River and Rail

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